People’ rights and forum for development (PRIFODE) presented a petition to Kabarole district chairperson requesting for extension of gravity flow scheme to Burungu village.

ToroDev initiated advocacy forums to work hand in hand in monitoring services, lobbying and advocating for better services, report service delivery issues to duty bearers and demand accountability from their elected duty among other duties. ToroDev supports the work of the forums and has given the members a number of skills in monitoring, advocacy, policy analysis, fundraising, financial literacy, ICT skills etc.

Hon.Richard Rwabuhinga LCV chairperson Kabarole district receiving a petition from PRIFODE members

On 27th November 2017 a team of 15 citizens from Burungu village Nyabuswa parish Mugusu Sub Count Kabarole district presented their petition to the District chairperson through their local leaders and people’s rights and forum for development (PRIFODE) forum demanding for 2km extension of gravity water scheme in Burungu village.

The team was led by the chairperson People’s Rights & Forum for Development (PRIFODE) Mr. Senyonjo Mukwano who was joined by duty bearers including chairperson LC1 Burungu village, chairperson LC11 Nyabuswa parish, district councilor Hon.Mugabo Clovice, Mugusu sub county chairperson Hon.Waako Christopher, woman councilor for Kyezire parish and Hon. Kajobe Florence Good.

Citizens from Burungu village Nyabuswa parish Mugusu Sub County who presented the petition to the District chairperson

I am honoured to receive your petition and I appreciate you for working in an organized manner.  As a district, we promise to extend 2km to Burunga village in the next financial budget/year (2017-2018) that begins in July 2018 and water will be extended without fail”. Said Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga the district chairperson for Kabarole.

Conclusively it’s from the knowledge, skills given to the members and confidence built in them that they can raise up and write a petition and present it to leaders without fear and in an organized way.




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