ToroDev in partnership with Kakabara development Advocacy Forum organized an accountability on the state of economic development in Kyegegwa district..

With support from SIDA another public accountability meeting was held. The meeting was held on 31st January, 2018 at Kakabara primary school Play ground with the main aim of addressing and presenting key challenges identified by Kakabara advocacy forum to duty bearers and the citizens, key challenges include; in adequate inputs to farmers, late supply of inputs to farmers and this affects outputs, non involvement of beneficiaries unlike how it was in NAADS II. This has contributed to the failure of the program, long distances moved by beneficiaries to pick inputs, low involvement of local leaders especially on OWC, limited awareness creation and sensitization by extension workers, etc

A citizen of Kakabara sub county rising his concerns during the meeting

“As a forum we carried research on government implemented projects/programs such as operation wealth creation (OWC), youth livelihood program (YLP) and women entrepreneurship fund (WEF) within our sub county  especially among the beneficiaries in Kyegegwa district ,we discovered that it’s experiencing some challenges that are affecting them to yield positively and that is why we are here to find a lasting solution together with our duty bearers’’, Said Aheebwa the coordinator of Kakabara development advocacy forum.

“We still have a problem with operation wealth creation implementers that’s why the seeds and crops supplied in our sub counties don’t match with the items we apply for, this has been as a result of poor consultations from farmers but we promise to work hand in hand with the district production department and solve those issues”. Said Hon. Birungi Maureen the district councilor representing Kakabara sub county.


  • One hundred and thirty (130) citizens attended.
  • Duty bearers/technical team attended including religious leaders, LCI, LCIII, sub county chief, sub county councilors, district councilor and media
  • Key challenges affecting economic development identified.
  • Action plan developed.

Key comments from citizens

“Program implementers should always carry out trainings before seeds are supplied since some of the seeds supplied need a lot of knowledge such as  fruits and apples growing’’,  ‘’ Is supplying 10 kilograms of beans or maize really getting someone from poverty? Why can’t there be bottom-top planning before supply of the items?’’, ‘’ Why does the government supply seeds which we have not applied for?”, why does the government supply seeds without citizen consultation?,

A participant asking a question during the accountability meeting in Kakabara

Way forward.

  • The inputs should be supplied in time such that famers can catch up with the season.
  • Extension workers should be recruited and given facilitation to sensitize famers up to the lower levels.
  • Local leaders should be involved in all processes especially from the planning level to the implementation.
  • The supplies should be in line with demands of the farmers.
  • Exchange visits should be done among farmers such that they can learn from each others
  • Forming marketing association such they can solve the problems of inadequate markets for their products.
  • Bottom up planning should be considered such that seeds supplied are of citizens demand

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