Who We are & What We Do


ToroDev engages in community mobilization activities  to freely access  equal development opportunities, including gender-sensitive  empowerment for maximum resources utilization targeted to more wealth creation.

This will eventually lead to poverty eradication in the local community. ToroDev promotes innovation and entrepreneurship skills training and policy research activities to understand the role of both traditional and modern Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) in accelerating sustainable socio-economic and political development of the poorer and disadvantaged groups of the population. Currently, ToroDev’s training, research, advocacy for democratic practices  and consultancy activities are concentrated in the rural Rwenzori region of western Uganda, with pilot projects in Kabarole,  Kyenjojo, Kamwenge, Kasese,  Kyegegwa and Bundibugyo districts.

Since her establishment in December 2005 and the subsequent launching of community-led development interventions in early 2006, the founders and staff of ToroDev have dedicated themselves to advancing the importance and applicability of ICT skills and services to the rural people.

The emphasis is put on how the people in the community can exploit services and opportunities provided by ICT tools and equipment to inform and generate knowledge for demanding accountability form their leaders, create wealth by employable opportunities, small business entreprises (SMEs) start -ups in the agribusiness and other service sectors.


ToroDev envisions a community empowered with knowledge and leadership skills for positive livelihoods.

Our mission is Promotion of knowledge through appropriate ICT tools for improved service delivery for Education, Health and Economic Development. Ultimately, this leads to equitable access and use of relevant information and knowledge sharing for maximum resources utilization through investment firstly, in the Rwenzori sub-region and the entire of Uganda.

We place premium on programs and activities that lead to equal empowerment and job creation for self-employment opportunities, especially among the youths and women who comprise the majority of Ugandans.

The  four key concepts for ToroDev’s interventions ;

  1. Freedom Expression
  2. Access & Use of Relevant  Information
  3. Public Accountabilty & Transparency
  4. Innovation & Entrepreneurship


  1. To promote equitable access, training and use of modern and traditional ICTs (e-inclusion) that generate relevent information and provide knowledge sharing facilities that can unlock and tap innovation and intrepreneurship abilities of men and women in the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

  2. To establish and strengthen the inter-institutional networking at national, regional and international levels for exchange of relevant information, knowledge and skills for socio-economic development of both the peri-urban and rural communities of the Rwenzori region, Western Uganda.

  3. To lobby and advocate for appropriate national, regional and international ICT policies that target to empower the poorer and rural communities to also equitably benefit from the opportunities provided by the modern information/ICT revolution.

  4. To promote good governance, public accountability and transparency among the local and national leaders for improved service delivery for the benefit of the rural community in the Rwenzori region and Uganda in general.

  5. To monitor, evaluate and provide consultancy services to community based development projects aimed on sustainably integrating both modern and traditional ICT tools, equipment and services for improved knowledge sharing, marketing and value addition.

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