ICT-Enabled Innovation & Entrepreneurship Promotion

Innovation & Entrepreneurship are key to accelerating social-economic development. However, attainment of these skills has been compromized in many of development project plans. ToroDev generates knowledge and skills training to enable the young people become innovate and have a discipline of starting up and nurturing thier initiative/business vetures to maturity through the Business Incubation Initiative project. Limited information on capital

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Role of ICTs – Availing Equal Development Opportunities for All in a Free & Democratic Society

ToroDev understands ICT as a tool to accelerate sustainable community development,  in its broadest context - going beyond modern computer software and equipment and networks that are often misunderstood, in rural settings, to have been designed for the elite urban populations - to also traditional and rural techniques of gathering and sharing information and knowledge resources for sustainable socio-economic and political developement. This could

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How radios can turn around the fortunes of rural farmers

FM radios are the most accessed mode of communication in Uganda, thanks to the liberalisation of the broadcast sector which led to its rapid growth. Radios easily transcend barriers like illiteracy, distance to urban centres, lack of electricity and poverty.  In addition, rural FM radios easily adapt to local language and culture and rural folks can listen to them in their homes in a language they are comfortable with.  But, what type of information

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ICT Policy Research & Advocacy in Uganda

ToroDev engages the civil society, local and central governments in Uganda to promote  ICT access, training and use for improved flow of relevant information & knowledge sharing services, especially at grass root levels. Access to relevant and timely public information remains key in promoting accountabilty and good leadership/governance - leading to democratization. Activities of the programmme include undertaking research assignments that

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