e-Participation Modelling for Good Governance – Research Paper [CeDEM15]


CeDEM15 Research Paper:


With ever increasing global proliferation of ICTs, there is need for every e-participation model invented to promote good governance practices, to carefully reconcile its interactions with human intuition – a key pre-requite for sustainable engagement and decision making. This paper describes and analyzes an ICT-supported model for citizens’ e-participation to influence improved government service delivery in Uganda. The model develops knowledge required for joint reflection and continuous decision making during the engagement processes between citizens (civil society) and government through a participatory action research approach. The paper explores ToroDev’s work with the Tracfm online application that interacts with broadcast media and mobile technology to obtain grassroot public opinion on national strategies, policies and programs. It publishes the results of this feedback through online and broadcast media services for response and action from government agencies and political leaders. The model is compared with other well-known e-participation approaches globally to track their conformity with human intuition interaction.

Keywords: e-participation, Tracfm, e-participation index, Governance, Service Delivery

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