Profile of Kicwamba Forum for Development and Service Delivery Advocacy Group


ToroDev has been highly involved in mentoring and supporting the initiation of the newly formed advocacy forums in the Rwenzori Region Districts. So far, four new youth advocacy forums in the Rwenzori region have been formed by the concerned local communities and they include; Ntoroko Citizens Concern in Ntoroko District and Committed Citizens for Better Services (Hakibaale Sub County), Kisomoro Youth Twerwaneho Group (Kisomoro Sub County) and Mugusu United for Better Services Forum (Mugusu Sub County) all in Kabarole District.

The advocacy forums are communities own initiated initiatives meant to sustainably monitor service delivery, lobby for improved service delivery from local leaders and demand accountability from their local leaders. ToroDev has been mentoring and supporting members of the advocacy forums in service delivery monitoring, public information access and sharing, public accountability broadcasting, lobbying and advocacy, participation in budgetary and planning processes, etc. Mentoring advocacy forums and supporting their initiation is an on-going activity and ToroDev expects to support the initiation of more youth and women advocacy forums in all the seven districts of Rwenzori Region so that improved service delivery can be realized. ToroDev expects the advocacy forums to act as a bridge between the rural grass root communities and the local leadership by acting as forums for continuous engagements with leaders and sharing community service delivery needs and periodically giving the state of service delivery in their local communities.

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